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Issue Volume 1, Number 1

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Artwork below is reduced in resolution from that in the article.

Issue V1N1 of the new electronic APR (PDF file format on CD-ROM) features three main articles and two small article. The first main article is on the Seversky Super Clipper, an enormous flying luxury liner concept from the 1930's. 15 pages, two of which are large format (11X17).

Artwork of the Super Clipper by J.P. Santiago

Vintage cutaway artwork of the Super Clipper

Vintage artwork of the interior of the Super Clipper

Vintage inboard plan view and profile of the Super Clipper

The second main article is on the Lockheed "Flatbed." This was a 1930's concept for a cargo aircraft that would be as versatile as a cargo train... no need to try to stuff the payload through the loading door, as all the cargo would be carried externally. 13 pages. Many three-view drawings!

Artwork showing the Flatbed

The third article is on Rockwells X-33 submission and associated single stage to orbit vehicle. Also shows numerous related SSTO designs. 11 pages.

Rockwell artwork showing the "Platypus" SSTO design, a predecessor to the X-33

Rockwell drawings showing two iterations of the SSTO that was to be built after the X-33.

Also included are two one-page article... one on the Convair X-6 (a nuclear powered version of the Convair B-60) and another on a Northrop design for the ILRV program (a very early program leading to the Space Shuttle).

Northrop ILRV

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