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Issue Volume 1, Number 2

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Artwork below is reduced in resolution from that in the article.

Issue V1N2 of the new electronic APR (PDF file format on CD-ROM) features four article. By far the largest is on Flyback S-IC boosters: first stage booster rockets derived from the Saturn V's first stage, and equipped with wings and landing gear to return to a runway landing near the launch site. This article, vastly expanded over the original, is 60 pages long (more than twice the length of the complete original version of issue V1N2 of APR), of which 7 are large format (11X17) spreads.

Various views and general arrangements of just a few of the flyback boosters described.

The second article is on the Northrop N-63 tailsitter turboprop VTYOL fighter and it's 1950 competitors for a Navy contract. Includes general arrangements of the N-62 and N-63A technology testbed as well as inboard profiles of both aircraft and information and drawings on the Boeing, Bell, Convair, Martin and Lockheed designs. 11 pages, two of which are large format spreads... including artwork commissioned just for this article.

Artwork by J.P. Santiago showing the Northrop N-63.

In-scale drawings of the competitors. (drawing by S. Lowther)

The third article is a 9-page article revealing several designs studied in the very early 1960's by NASA for the TFX role - what eventually became the F-111. These designs range from the not-too-unlike-F-111 to some quite unusual configurations. Packed with drawings!

Two of the NASA TFX designs

Last up is a four-page article on a design studied by the NACA in the very late 1950's for a supersonic jet bomber... capable of vertical takeoff and landing. Includes drawings of wind tunnel models as well as an all-new reconstruction drawing of the proposed aircraft as it might have looked.

NACA Supersonic VTOL jet bomber

(drawing by S. Lowther)

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