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Issue Volume 1, Number 3

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Artwork below is reduced in resolution from that in the article.

Issue V1N3 of the new electronic APR (PDF file format on CD-ROM) features four article. The primary article in this issue is on Blended Wing Bodies. This article covers designs from just after WWII until today, but largely focuses on the McDonnell-Douglas/Boeing efforts from recent years. This article is 35 pages long, of which three are large format (11X17) spreads. Along with photos and artwork, this article is illustrated with two dozen general arrangement drawings. Includes designs such as the recent European VELA studies, Russian designs from the TsAGI and Tupolev, early Northrop studies and the Lockheed CL-1201, probably the largest aircraft ever seriously proposed.

Various views and general arrangements of just a few of the BWBs described.

Artwork by J.P. Santiago showing bomber and airliner versions of one of the BWBs described.

In-scale drawings of the BWBs. (drawing by S. Lowther)

The second article is a 17-page article on spacecraft propulsion by contained nuclear explosions, specifically the ideas of Dandridge Cole and Project Helios. This is the first part in a series on the Orion Project. Included are full-color reproductions of period artwork as well as all-new reconstructions of the designs.

Also included is a 4-page article by Dennis R. Jenkins on the Convair Model 37, a flying-boat variation of the C-99... itself a cargo freighter derivative of the B-36 bomber.

A two-page article on early NASA hypersonic aircraft designs

A five-page article on derivatives of the Bell X-14 VTOL testbed. Includes the X-14C ground attack plane, the X-14D VTOL operational trainer, the "SkyKat" shipboard ASW plane and the D-400 VTOL craft.

A four-page article on 1960's Focke-Wulf designs for VTOL jetliners

A four-page article on Lockheeds VTOL supersonic flying saucer

And lastly, there is an article describing the concept of "source grading" new drawings, such as the many new general arrangements prepared for this issue.

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