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Issue Volume 2, Number 1

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Artwork below is reduced in resolution from that in the article.

Issue V1N6 of the new electronic APR (PDF file format on CD-ROM) features four main articles. The primary article in this issue is a 47-page article on Project Pluto, a late-50's - early-60's US program to develop a nuclear ramjet propelled cruise missile. Article includes description of the early development programs, the development and testing of the nuclear ramjet reactors and airframe development. Includes many original and new drawings, as well as artwork produced for this article by Scott Ferrin and Damon Moran.

Many diagrams, including detailed inboard views, are provided.

The next article is a 10-page article by Dennis R. Jenkins about a 1960 North American Aviation concept for a supersonic transport derived from the B-70 Mach 3 bomber. Include several charts and drawings, as well as new artwork created by J.P. Santiago.

Also included is a 5-page article by Bill Slayton on Lockheed L-167 and L-169 delta-winged jet fighters, concepts that preceded the XF-90. Includes four three-views.

Several small articles ("Aerospace History Nuggets") are also included:

General Dynamics/Convair AT3-30: a 1979 twin turboprop advanced passenger transport

Douglas Model D-790 "Missileer:" an air-to-air variant of the A3D Skywarrior

A Rockwell boost-glide transatmospheric passenger transport from 1974

Tupolev TU-2000 SSTO aerospaceplane

747 "Guppy:" a patented design for a 747 variant featuring a very wide cargo compartment

And finally, this issue has 10 pages of 11X17 pages including larger-format versions of some of the drawings and art. These pages are at the end of the issue for easier printing.

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