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Issue Volume 2, Number 5

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Artwork below is reduced in resolution from that in the article.

Articles in Issue V2N5 of APR:

Aerospaceplane - 1961

This article covers a moment in the development of an early USAF "operational" orbital aircraft. With all-new color artwork by G. De Chiara, illustrating Boeing (Model 879 - a Dyna Soar derived concept), Douglas (the Model 2235 MARS - a virtual copy of the "ark" from the movie "When Worlds Collide"), Lockheed (CL-510), Martin (the nuclear powered "Astroplane") and Republic (a Mach 25 scramjet desing that looks wholly modern) designs.

Convair "Spaceplane"

An article by Dennis R. Jenkins focussing on the Convair entry in the Aerospaceplane competition of 1961. Drawings include variants of the giant airbreathing SSTO spaceplane as well as smaller Dyna Soar-like second stage spaceplanes.

Convair Post World War II Seaplane Studies, Part 2

An article by Robert Bradley describing a number of postwar jet-powered seaplane bombers, both subsonic and supersonic. Numerous drawings.

Messerschmit Me 328 Variations, Part 1

Numerous wartime German designs for the Messerchmitt Me 328 pulsejet powered fighter... almost two dozen variations on a theme with different tails and engine and engine locations.

Three "Aerospace History Nuggets:"

Curtis Wright Helicopter Airliner, 1944

A wartime design for a postwar passenger transport.

Martin SeaMistress

A jet-propelled logistics seaplane the size of a C-5 Galaxy
Fairchild NEPA

An early nuclear powered bomber concept.
And finally, this issue has 6 pages of 11X17 pages including larger-format versions of some of the drawings and art. These pages are at the end of the issue for easier printing, and include drawings not in the main body of the issue.

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