Apr 172016

Now available: two new US Aerospace Projects titles.

US Bomber Projects #18

US Bomber Projects #18 is now available (see HERE for the entire series). Issue #18 includes:

  • Boeing Model 726-13: A nuclear pwoered bomber with the cockpit in the tail
  • Martin Model 164: A pre-war high altitude twin-tailed bomber
  • North American WS-110A: An early concept for what became the B-70, with “floating wingtips”
  • Convair MX-1593: An Early, large five-engined Atlas ICBM concept
  • Boeing Model 701-299-1: The final XB-59 supersonic bomber design
  • Boeing Model 464-72: A B-52 with pusher turboprops
  • Boeing F-15GSE Global Strike Eagle: An unmanned F-15 with a giant missile on its back General Dynamics – Light Weight Attack Configuration 29: An advanced ground attacker with vectored thrust

usbp18ad2 usbp18ad1

USBP #18 can be downloaded as a PDF file for only $4:



US Transport Projects #6

US Transport Projects #06 is now available (see HERE for the entire series). Issue #06 includes:

  • Lockheed CL-408-15: An early Mach 3 SST
  • Lockheed L-155-4: A very early 8-engine jetliner
  • Boeing Model 754-4V: A very-wide-bodied cargo hauler for Husky
  • Gates Learjet PD1502A: A four-seater with a turbofan
  • Convair Comet Seaplane: An American idea for turning a British jetliner into Flying Boat
  • Lockheed Twin C-5 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft: Two C-5’s mated together to carry a Shuttle between them
  • Boeing Model 765-096 Rev A “SUGAR Volt”: A hybrid jetliner
  • CRC HOT EAGLE – Super Global Troop Transport: Finally, hard data on a rocket transport for Special Forces and Marines

ustp06ad2 ustp06ad1

USTP #06 can be downloaded as a PDF file for only $4:



And don’t forget…

US Fighter Projects #1 and US VTOL Projects #1 are still new and still available!

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Apr 162016

A sadly tiny illustration of a “Saturn Space Laboratory” from a circa 1960 NASA brochure (promoting the organization to college students). This looks like something halfway between MOL and Skylab; three pressurized modules in a “wet lab” space station. Diameter looks to be 10 feet, same as the Titan booster; early concepts for the Saturn called for the use of the Titan first stage to be the second stage of the Saturn I, with the second stage of the Titan being the third stage of the Saturn. This may well represent a Titan I or II first stage/Saturn I second stage as a space lab.

Given the entertainingly toxic nature of the Titan II propellants, I’d guess this was an earlier Titan I-based concept.

satur space lab

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Apr 012016

This image was passed along to me; it came from an ebay auction from some time in the past. No further info than this illustration, but it is clearly a Boeing “control configured vehicle” bomber concept.


I know it’s a Boeing design because a year and a half ago I lost out on an ebay auction for another piece of concept art showing the same aircraft, this time with “Boeing” clearly visible on the engine nacelle:

2014-08-03 ebay 1

And I know it’s a Controlled Configured Vehicle because in the early 1970’s, Boeing studied a bomber that was very similar in configuration to this, known as the “CCV-100-2.” There are some obvious differences, such as the cockpit canopies and the engine inlets, but the overall configurations are very similar. The CCV-100-2 received a tiny bit of press in Aviation Week, and was granted a design patent for the overall shape. Sadly, I do not have anything on performance or dimensions; if anyone *does* know more about this, please let me know.


USD231094_Page_2 USD231094_Page_1

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