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At last: issue V3N3 of APR is now available. The first article covers the proposed use of bombers, specifically the B-52 and B-70, as launch platforms for the Dyna Soar manned military spaceplane.



The second article is on the Martin Astrorocket, a series of early-sixties design studies of reusable low-cost manned launch systems for the USAF.


The next article covers the development of the Douglas XC-132 turboprop transport/tanker plane throughout much of the 1950’s. This would have been by far the biggest turboprop plane the us would have built… had it been built. Article contains a number of good photos of the full-scale mockup.




Next is an article on the A-12 Avenger II stealthy strike plane for the US Navy. This article includes info and drawings on the Northrop competitor, as well as a number of rarely seen and all-new detailed diagrams of the A-12.



A brief article on a trio of Grumman designs from the 1989-1993 time period, VTOL lift-fan combat aircraft, including the Future Attack Air Vehicle (FAAV).


Last but not least, an article describing a trio of seemingly unrelated – yet possibly related – designs: a “landing boat” for Project Orion, a lifting body design for the Apollo program, and a fighter jet designed to be launched via booster rockets. Included is information on the logistics Landing Vehicle, General Dynamics’ equivalent of the Douglas ICARUS/Ithacus troop transport rocket.


And two “Aerospace History Nuggets,” a Ryan concept for a VTOL jetliner and a concept from Bell for linking two helicopters together to forma single heavy lifter.


Here’s the complete issue V3N3 layout:


It is available in three formats. Firstly, it can be downloaded directly from me for the low, low price of $8.50. Second, it can be purchased as a professionally printed volume through Magcloud; third, it can be procured in both formats. To get the download, simply pay for it here through paypal.



To get the printed version (or print + PDF version), visit my MagCloud page:



Also available: the V3N3 Addendum. This contains 30 pages formatted for 11X17. Includes larger and improved versions of all the CAD diagrams produced for V3N3, including:

  • 1/72 versions of the A-12 diagrams
  • Scans of the original A-12 diagrams
  • 1/144 versions of the XC-132 diagrams
  • 1/288 versions of the XC-132 antecedents
  • 1/250 versions of the Dyna Soar/bomber launchers
  • 1/72 versions of the Landing Boat, “Space fighter” and Apollo lifting body
  • 1/200 version of the Nova/LLV


The V3N3 Addendum can be downloaded for only $3.00!


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  1. Hi,

    Looking forward to getting this. I’ve just payed for it but received no download link nor email containing one–how do I go about obtaining it?

    • Step One: wait for me to wake up. Your order came in at 4:42 AM local time… oddly, I was asleep at that point, and not terribly responsive to emails.

  2. http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/593625

    Hi Scott, How can I purchase the digital pdf version only of the A-12 issue + the addendum

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