Mar 022015

Two new publications in the US Aerospace Projects series are now available.

Now available: US Bomber Projects #13. This issue includes:

  • Ryan Model 162: A VTOL strike/recon plane
  • Boeing Orbital Bomb: a nuclear-tipped re-entry glider
  • Northrop Atomic Wing: an asymetric nuclear powered design
  • Consolidated Vultee High Speed Flying Boat: an early post-war Skate design
  • Martin Model 189: a canard version of the B-26 Marauder
  • Boeing Model 464-046: A six-engined B-52 predecessor
  • Curtis F-87C: a night fighter with bomber abilities
  • Boeing Model 701-247: a supersonic antecedent of the B-59



USBP #13 can be downloaded as a PDF file for only $4:



Also available: US Launch Vehicle Projects #01. The premiere issue of this new series includes:

  • Pre-Saturn Phase III Vehicles: 1958 concpet for clustered Atlas boosters
  • Boeing “Big Onion”: an SSTO to launch SPS
  • Northrop TAV: an in-flight propellant transfer spaceplane
  • Martin Orbit Project: A 1946 concept for a hydrogen fueled SSTO
  • Saturn V derived HLLV for FLO: A brief Saturn V revival in the early 1990s
  • MSC Orbiter 020: An early Shuttle with straight wings and a single SRB
  • Hammerhead ET: a way for the Shuttle to transport outsized payloads
  • Loral Aquarius: A way to make space launch cheap


uslp 01ad


USLP #01 can be downloaded as a PDF file for only $4:


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  2 Responses to “US Bomber Projects #13, US Launcher Projects #01”

  1. Thanks for all your research, Scott. I think that your work is brilliant.
    And… by the way: A US Fighter/attack Projects? A “spin off” from the excellent APR.
    Yes, I’m a fighter enthusiast!

  2. RE: USBP13 and USLP01 addenda

    Scott, I’ve received your 3-4-15 Email concerning the corrected/installed scale drawings at the conclusion of the above issues. Having already ordered and received these issues in original configuration, I had disposed of the download instructions. Could you please Email these to me again so that I can download the issues in updated form?

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