Dec 072015

Here’s something I have some vague recollection of posting before, but couldn’t find after a cursory search: a sketch of the seating arrangement of a 3-man A-4 rocket (might be the A-8 derivative). This is a scan of a photocopy of a photocopy; the original photocopy was found in the files of a researcher at the NASM twenty or so years ago. It’s thought that the sketch was originally made by Werner von Braun during WWII.

Little data is provided; range is given as 500 km. *Presumably* this would have been a winged, landing-gear-equipped derivative of the A-4; replacing the warhead of the V-2 with just three guys seems like a waste of three guys, as well as a not terribly effective weapons system.

3 man v-2 a4

The full-rez scan (such as it is) has been made available to APR Patrons in the 2015-12 APR Extras Dropbox folder. If you’d like to help out and gain access to this and many other pieces of aerospace history, please check out the APR Patreon.


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  1. What was it supposed to be for?

  2. It appears to be attached to a larger document (upper right corner fold-over). Is this just the drawing or do we have the context of what document it was attached with?

    • Sadly, that’s all I have. This photocopy was made when I was young and stupid and wasn’t as diligent about collecting every relevant scrap of info. I don’t recall what it was attached to.

  3. Hi,
    I work for the CNES (the French National Space Center), we are currently doing a project research around sketches, drawings and blueprints of space vehicles. We aim to make an exhibition showing some original designs, we started an inventory in France with some blueprints from the early 60’s. I find your work very interesting, you have some collection. Would it be possible to talk about it?

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