Mar 102017

Coming soonish: the return of USXP publications. Five are under current development and are mostly done. There is a new title in the bunch… USRP. Strictly speaking it should probably be USR&RP… United States Research and Recon Projects. Perhaps Recon and Research aren’t necessarily the most obvious categories to link together into a single title, but apart from the vitally important alliteration, there is this important fact: compared to, say, Bombers, there aren’t that many Recon and Research projects out there.

If there are specific proposals, or general categories you’d like to see in future publications, feel free to comment below.

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  1. Yay! Count me in for one of each!

  2. Like the product, Scott.

  3. APR Volume 3/4/5 original issues re-releases? Even just scans?

  4. Idly wondering: Does your clientele split into People Who Like Weird Space Stuff and People Who Like Weird Aircraft, or are their tastes pretty catholic?

    • Without doing a survey it’s hard to say, but from fuzzy recollection of sales, it *seems* that something like half are interested in both, a quarter in aero, a quarter in space.

  5. What can I say? Is a great and welcomed surprise! What a “hype”!
    Thanks, Scott

  6. Yay! Count me in for every forthcoming issue! Thanks, Scott!

  7. Would like to order a copy; What are we talking money wise? Debit Card work?
    Renton, WA

  8. Wow, looking quickly I think I see something like the lenticular Apollo (though the vehicle her might be smaller), Nexus, Nova, STAR Clipper, Shuttle-C, and the X-20. For the future? Some years back you had a publication about augmented Saturn rockets and plans to write about augmented Apollo spacecraft–how about updates?

  9. Count me in!

  10. God Bless America. PayPal at the ready . . .

    As far as wants and suggestions, for me the field is almost unlimited. But, somewhat in order:

    1) Large boosters (a yuge field admittedly, so narrowing it down to post-Saturn Class III (non-Nexus) and SSPS era).

    2) USAF hypersonics, e.g. McDonnell HSVS, Model 176, Model 192.

    3) Rocket-powered vehicles from the Robo/ST-126 era through RTTOC and ILRV.

  11. that’s very good news.
    I was a bit sad when scott stopped USxPxxx
    I will buy a copy of each new one!

    any stange project will do for me.
    just avoid to publish the same project in two different publications.


  12. Looking forward to the new release, Scott.

  13. I will order one of each!

    I am impatient

    Thanks for all your publications


  14. Count me in too. Thanks.

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