Jan 042018

A Rocketdyne concept for a space station from the late 1950’s. This was a sphere some 60 feet in diameter, with at least three counter-rotating internal centrifuges (think “2001’s” Discovery) to provide between 0.2 and 0.8 of an Earth-normal gravity. This station was to be parked in geosynchronous orbit, 22,400 miles up, and would weigh 250,000 pounds. The crew was to be a rather surprising 50 men. There are enough questions about the design that it can be safely assumed to either not be an entirely serious design, or to have been artistically greatly altered from the engineering concept. It *appears* to be equipped with:

  1. Possibly a small nuclear power source with attached rectangular radiators, held at some distance.
  2. Some sort of small rocket vehicle… possibly a proble launcher, or, since this was the 1950’s, possibly a nuclear weapon launcher
  3. A parabolic reflector, probably a solar mirror for concentrating sunlight and generating power
  4. An optical telescope
  5. A radar or communications dish that is pointed nowhere near towards Earth


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