Mar 132012

This design was featured in the F-23 derivatives article in the recent V3N2 issue of Aerospace Projects Review. This was an attempt by Northrop to adapt F-23 design elements to a Naval role, carrier-capable.


You can download a 1.4 megabyte GIF file of the diagram. The link to the JPG file is HERE. To access it, you will need to enter a username and password. These are available on the first page of the Aerospace Projects Review V3N2 Addendum (available HERE) Note that both are case sensitive.

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  8 Responses to “NATF-23 diagram in hi-rez”

  1. Thank you. Thank you very much.

  2. I’m getting a red “x”

    • That’s what you get for trying to view a file this wide in a web browser, rather than downloading the image.

      • IE has a problem (no way to DL the pic) but Firefox came through.

        • > no way to DL the pic

          Yes, you can.
          1) Click the link
          2) fill in user/pass
          3) Watch in dismay as IE gives you some sort of failure.
          4) Click the *back* button.
          5) Now right-click the link, and do save-as.

          You will be able to save-as since you’ve already filled in the user/pass and the computer will remember them.

  3. Thx.

    Any chances of page 32 from V3N2 Addendum getting the same treatment? or move to APR…

  4. Very cool! How did you manage to get a hold of these?

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