Jan 092012

I have worked out a few advertising rates for ads in APR. There are two types… text-only “classified ads,” and full-color “picture ads.”  The short form:

Classified ad type 1: 200 characters for $5

Classified ad type 2: 300 characters for $7.50

Picture ad type 1: 3.4 in wide by 3 in high: $10

Picture ad type 2: 7 in wide by 2.5 in high: $25

Picture ad type 3: 3 in wide by 6 in high: $25

Picture ad type 4: 7 in wide by 5 in high: $55

And a full page ad (7 in wide by 10 high): $110

I have put together a PDF file showing these sort of ads in context. If you are interested in advertising in APR, please take a look at it and see what works for you.


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