Jan 222012

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  1. I am looking for drawings of space ship stuff that NASA and other companies proposed back in the day but the project was never completed. I need to build a flying model for a contest next summer. Which downloads would you suggest I purchase if I need something that is rockt powered off the pad, has more then one rocket motor, and does something like seperate in the air. I would need really good drawings with cross sections so I can buld a very accurate model. The X-33 or Venture Star would be acceptable as well.
    I am close to completing my Navaho Missile build for the scale event of something that was actually flown, so I am now looking for the scale type model that never flew.
    Here is a build thread of my Navaho model.


    John Boren

  2. I clicked on the link and I was directed to the homepage of iContact, not a sign-up page.

  3. S:

    David in Renton:

    Doing a write on the ICGM study of late 1950s. It is so rare that I am unable to find ANYTHING on this study other than the two Boeing Reports they did in 1958…tis a boost-glider weapon and parallels RoBo and Dyna Soar?

    Did you ever run into anything on this rare bird at any other research site you visited? It is not listed anywhere, unless you know of an MX or WS listing for it. Just askin, cause it is so darn rare.
    Input appreciated.

  4. I’m looking for anything to do with Robert Goddard and his rocket development programs. There is not very much engineering data on the internet (or even at the Smithsonian – where I am a Docent and I have spoken to the Goddard curator).

  5. I found this drawing of the Sprint ABM cut-a-way on the internet. I saw the http://www.up-ship.com hoping to find any addition data on this missile. Does anyone have any scale data they would like to share or point me to the right direction.


    Keith Frazier

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